Financial Education for Employees of Jobar Companies that Manfucture for Levi Strauss in Agusacalientes, Mexico
Financial Education

With the support of the Levi Strauss Foundation, Appleseed Mexico and Fundación E run this project jointly. Its objective is to offer Jobar employees financial education emphasising savings as the principal way to improve their income.

We currently reach 200 people through these courses on subjects such as strengthening your finances, promoting a culture of saving and an enterprising attitude. We guide the participants towards savings as a means to reach their goals and improve their quality of life: by using their savings to find opportunities for additional family income, to ensure a better future for their children through education and to take advantage of their savings to improve their homes.

At the end of the course, each employee opens a bank account and makes monthly deposits of $200 pesos. After one year of saving, Fundación Levi Strauss duplicates the balance which must be spent or invested on the goal selected by the employee at the beginning of the course (home improvement, education or a small business).

Regulating housing

In conjunction with the nonprofit TECHO, we are working on researching the fiscal and legal implications of the unauthorised buliding of homes on land throughout Mexico City. By understanding the individual circumstances, the community can seek to legalise their tenure on the land and ensure that it receives access to public services including electricity, water, drainage, refuse collection.

Review on Adoption process in the State of Nuevo León

We are working with the legal firm Sánchez DeVanny, the DIF in Nuevo León (the National System for Intergral Development of the Family) and the Family Attorney´s Office of the State of Nuevo León on a study of the local legislation to support couples looking to adopt a child by facilitating access to a shorter, more friendly process that respects the best interests of the child. This includes reducing the notification time to immediate family of the child as well as improving the procedure itself which is considered to be overly long leading to children spending their infancy in a childrens´ home or shelter while waiting to be adopted.