“The Plan is to Have Plan” video campaign based on Appleseed’s Manual for Protecting Assets and Child Custody in the Face of Deportation

Appleseed in the U.S, published a manual “Protecting Assets and Child Custody in the Face of Deportation: A Guide for Practitioners”. This manual was designed to advise organizations helping migrants’ communities to provide help to people facing deportation on how to protect their assets and family rights.

Appleseed Mexico, considering the importance of this information, decided to work on creating a communications campaign to deliver the key information directly to the people in those communities who may face deportation, or may need to leave the US for any other reason, leaving behind their assets or even their children.

This project seeks to educate communities of migrants that are currently at risk of being deported and will continue to be at risk in the future. We aim to ensure that they know their rights and are able to plan for possible contingencies, making their deportation more secure and ordered for their family while their assets are protected.

Based on the above, Appleseed Mexico, with the support of Kelly Hardy from DLA Piper, developed the scripts to create a video campaign with a dual message: 1) to deliver basic information on protecting assets, and 2) how to ensure the custody of their children.

After searching for different partners, we found the support of the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) to create this campaign, which was filmed and editing during the first semester of 2013.